Crockett and Tubbs flip a coin in "Freefall".

The Crockett/Tubbs "Coin Flip" was used by Vice detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs to decide who would carry out certain tasks, either when multiple things needed to be done simultaneously, or simply when neither officer wanted to carry out the task at hand. It is worth noting that Tubbs always seemed to end up losing -- both in terms of betting on the result of the flip, and also in terms of the outcome of losing that bet.

Appearances in Miami ViceEdit

The flip made an appearance three times in the series:

  • "Milk Run" -- to decide who would question Angela and who would distract her boyfriend Zeke in the meantime; Crockett won and pumped Angela for information while Tubbs talked to (and was all but assaulted by) an angry Zeke.
  • "Red Tape" -- to decide who went to serve a warrant with Detectives Eddie Trumbull and Bobby Cruz; Crockett won and sent Tubbs into the building. The apartment was booby-trapped, and the resultant explosion killed Trumbull and wounded Diaz and Tubbs.
  • "Freefall" -- to decide who would see Johnny Miranda and who would see the accountant Max Flynn; Tubbs caught the coin in mid-air and decided to go see Miranda, but ended up losing anyway as the decision led to his capture by Caesar Montoya.

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