Charles Keating


Miami Vice Character
Marty Glickburg ("Everybody's in Showbiz")
October 22, 1941, London, England
Mary (1963-present), two children

Charles Keating (born October 22, 1941, London, England) is an English stage/screen actor who appeared as Marty Glickburg, agent to Mikey in the episode "Everybody's in Showbiz" of the series Miami Vice.


Keating began his career in the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre group before appearing on British television, his appearances include Brideshead Revisited and Crown Court. In the US, he appeared on the long running soap opera Another World (for which he won a Daytime Emmy for Best Actor in 1996) in addition to other soap operas As The World Turns, All My Children, and Port Charles. Keating also guested in the TV shows Hotel, The Equalizer (with Keith Szarabajka), Sex and the City, Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess as Zeus, Providence, and his most recent TV appearance, in Alias. His movie roles include The Bodyguard (with Joe Urla), The Thomas Crown Affair (with James Saito), and his most recent movie, Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo (with Jeroen Krabbe). He married his wife Mary in 1963 and they have two children.

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