Candy James


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Candy James (born 1964) is a prostitute with a long history of arrests for various prostitution-linked offenses. She was working a hotel where James "Sonny" Crockett was working hotel security as well as for a group of "bad cops" running a prostitution ring out of the hotel. Candy was arrested by Crockett, but promised her record of arrests would be wiped clean if she got evidence on the two bad cops, which she did (after getting beat up by them). But she started hooking again at the same hotel, this time working on Albert Szarbo, who was the man behind the ring, also planning on stealing items from the hotel's safe deposit boxes. Candy got the keys to Szarbo's car and Crockett found B&E equipment in the trunk, then was sent off for Chinese food by Szarbo and was not seen again.

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