Camille Sands
Miami Vice Character
Doris Gumble ("Mirror Image")

Camille Sands made her acting debut as Doris Gumble, an employee of one of Miguel Manolo's corporate fronts who told Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs where to find Manolo in the episode "Mirror Image" of the series Miami Vice.

Sands' only other acting appearance was in a 1989 episode of the TV series B.L. Stryker. She was reportedly cast in a deleted scene in the episode "Evan" as a dominatrix during which time Crockett was speaking with a "local snitch" (played by Iggy Pop) but the scene was excised from the final broadcast by NBC. If the scene had been allowed to air, that would have been Sands' acting debut instead of her appearance in "Mirror Image".

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