Brian Dennehy


Miami Vice Character
July 9, 1938, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Judith Scheff (1959-1974, divorced), two children
Jennifer Arnott (1988-present), two children

Brian Mannion Dennehy (born July 9, 1938, Bridgeport, Connecticut) is an American actor who appeared as the Rev. Bill Bob Proverb, a tele-evangelist in the episode "Amen... Send Money" of the series Miami Vice.


Dennehy began his career on the small screen, debuting in 1977 on an episode of Kojak, later roles include M*A*S*H, Lou Grant, the TV movies A Death in Canaan (with Jacqueline Brookes), The Jericho Mile (directed by Michael Mann, with Ed Lauter and Miguel Piñero), and A Rumor of War (with Perry Lang and Nicholas Woodeson), Dynasty, Faerie Tale Theatre (with Guy Boyd), Pride and Extreme Prejudice (with Lisa Eichhorn), the TV movie To Catch a Killer (with Meg Foster), the Jack Reed series of movies (with Charles S. Dutton), NetForce (with Xander Berkeley, C.C.H. Pounder, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), The Fighting Fitzgeralds, Just Shoot Me (with Laura San Giacomo), Law and Order: SVU (with Richard Belzer), Rules of Engagement, and his most recent appearance, in Rizzoli and Isles (with Bruce McGill and Tom Bower). Dennehy has received six Emmy nominations for his episodic and TV movie appearances, but has yet to win one.

His movie career began with Looking for Mr. Goodbar, followed by Semi-Tough, F.I.S.T. (with Kevin Conway), Foul Play, Butch and Sundance: The Early Years (with Vincent Schiavelli), 10, First Blood (with Michael Talbott), Cocoon and its' sequel, Cocoon: The Return, Silverado, F/X (with Jossie DeGuzman) and its' sequel, F/X2, Presumed Innocent (with Tom Mardirosian), Tommy Boy (with Zach Grenier), Romeo + Juliet (with John Leguizamo), She Hate Me (with John Turturro and Lonette McKee), Assault on Precinct 13 (with Leguziamo, Kim Coates, and Laurence Fishburne), Ratatouille (with James Remar), The Next Three Days (with Liam Neeson), and his most recent film appearance, 2011's The Big Year.

Dennehy won two Tony Awards; in 1999 for Death of a Salesman, and in 2003 for Long Day's Journey Into Night, and performed at the Stratford Shakespearian Festival in 2011.

Personal LifeEdit

Dennehy married Judith Scheff in 1959 until their 1974 divorce, they have two daughters, Elizabeth (born 1960) and Kathleen, both actresses. Dennehy then married Jennifer Arnott in 1988, they have two adopted children; son Cormack (born 1993) and daughter Sarah (born 1995).

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