Brent Jennings


Miami Vice Characters
Jiveman ("Heart of Darkness")
Metro-Dade Robbery Sergeant Hugh Heraty ("The Home Invaders")
Ft. Lauderdale Detective Sergeant Rolando Jordan ("Mirror Image")

Brent Jennings appeared in the show Miami Vice as Jiveman, who tries to sell stolen goods to Switek and Zito in the episode "Heart of Darkness", as Metro-Dade Detective Sergeant Hugh Heraty, who was the point man of the invader case in the episode "The Home Invaders", and Ft. Lauderdale Detective Sergeant Rolando Jordan, a friend of Tubbs who helps him track down Sonny Burnett in the episode "Mirror Image".


Jennings was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He began his film career in the 1980 movie Brubaker, then made his TV debut in 1982's TV movie Parole (with Richard Jenkins). Jennings also played the fanged soldier Absolam on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the second season premiere "When She Was Bad" opposite Mark Metcalf as the old world vampire The Master.

Following are highlights from Jennings' career:

  • Alone From The Dark (1982)
  • Cagney & Lacey (TV, 1984)
  • Fear City (1984, with Melanie Griffith and Joe Santos)
  • Witness (1985, with Viggo Mortensen)
  • Hill Street Blues (TV, 1985-86)
  • The Serpent & The Rainbow (1988, with Paul Guilfoyle)
  • Red Heat (1988, with Laurence Fishburne and Brion James)
  • Another 48 Hrs. (1990, with Brion James)
  • Roc (TV, 1992, with Charles S. Dutton)
  • Party of Five (TV, 1995)
  • Don King: Only In America (TV, 1997, with Ving Rhames)
  • ER (TV, 1997 and 2000)
  • Medium (TV, 2005)
  • Glee (TV, 2010)
  • Moneyball (2011, with Vyto Ruginis)
  • Harry's Law (TV, 2012)
  • Touch (TV, 2012)
  • Bipolar (2014, most recent movie appearance)
  • The Newsroom (TV, 2014, most recent TV appearance)

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