Bill Boggs


Miami Vice Character
TV Host ("By Hooker by Crook")
July 11, 1944, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Boggs III (born July 11, 1944, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American host and presenter who appeared as an unnamed TV host of Miami at Midday, a talk show which was highlighting Christine Von Marburg (and exposing her as a madam) in the episode "By Hooker by Crook" of the series Miami Vice.


Boggs began his career working in TV news, working at WNBC in New York, then working on CBS game shows, another New York show, Midday Live, until he created the show TV Diners and Bill Boggs' Corner Table for the Food Network. He is currently the celebrity correspondent for the PBS show My Generation. He has appeared in TV shows and movies primarily as hosts of fictional shows, some of his appearances include the movies Trading Places, The Devil's Advocate, and Pinero, and the TV shows Another World, Spin City, and Chappelle's Show. He also hosted and produced Comedy Tonight, the first syndicated stand-up comedy series. He has a son, Trevor Boggs, from his brief marriage to actress Linda Thorson (The Avengers).

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