Bad Attitude
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The Big Prize
Derry Grehan
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Sequence song appears
Final showdown scene with Crockett and Tubbs going after Borbon
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"Bad Attitude" is a song performed by Honeymoon Suite, recorded on the album The Big Prize in 1986. The song appeared in the Miami Vice series finale "Freefall".


  • This was the final pop song played in the series (not including the closing credits).
  • The scene in which the song appears is (intentionally) very similar to the famous "In The Air Tonight" sequence from the pilot episode; both feature Crockett and Tubbs driving through the night towards a violent confrontation with a drug lord that they seem unlikely to survive unscathed.
  • When comparing the "Bad Attitude" scene with the "In The Air Tonight" scene, the former can also be seen as indicative of the changing music trends in later seasons of the show -- while virtually identical in terms of visual content, the original pop soundtrack in "Brother's Keeper" has now been replaced with hard rock.


  • Johnny Dee - lead vocals
  • Derry Grehan - guitars, vocals
  • Ray Coburn - keyboards
  • Gary Lalonde - bass
  • Dave Betts - drums