Andrew Baker


Colonel, Drug Enforcement Task Force
Continuing Assignment as of 1989
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Colonel Andrew Baker of the Drug Enforcement Task Force is the leader of a group attempting to interdict the drug traffic from Central and South America to the US in the "War on Drugs", and has the full backing (covertly) of the US Government, and also has carte blanche to take any actions needed to meet the objectives. In 1989 Baker's team worked out a deal with the leader of the riot-torn country of Costa Morada, General Manuel Borbon, to disclose all he knows about the Medellin drug cartel which is dominant in Costa Morada, but due to the civil unrest is wanting to get out of the country to the US to "spill his guts", and Baker brings in (rather abruptly) Metro-Dade Police Chief Richard Highsmith and Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, who will help in bringing Borbon back to the US, bringing in a dealer, Ramon, to act as intermediary, giving him a free walk in exchange for assisting the force. Baker arranged for help from rebel soldiers in Costa Morada, including Felicia, and with that help Crockett and Tubbs got Borbon out, but due to Borbon's aide Jimindez turning on him, the Vice cops felt it was better to leave Borbon in their safe house instead of the one Baker lined up, but their house was hit by hitmen from Borbon's rival, Caesar Montoya, and Borbon disappeared, only to be found again but was "shot" by Ramon, and thought to be dead, instead the Task Force had him stashed because Borbon knew dirt on government higher-ups, prompting Crockett and Tubbs to get Borbon, which they did, shooting his airplane down. Baker threatened to kill Crockett and Tubbs and pin it on Borbon (because no one would question it), then when Crockett challenged him to follow through, Baker threatened to take their badges, and Crockett and Tubbs responded by throwing their badges on the ground in disgust, quitting the force, despite Martin "Marty" Castillo's pleas to reconsider.

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