Alfonso Arau


Miami Vice Character
January 11, 1932, Mexico City, Mexico

Alfonso Arau (born January 11, 1932, Mexico City, Mexico) is a Mexican actor and director who appeared as Jorge Cruz, patriarch of the Cruz crime family in the episode "God's Work" of the series Miami Vice.


Arau began his career in Mexican films, starting in 1954. His first American film appearance was in 1969's The Wild Bunch, followed in 1972 by his first American TV appearance in the series Gunsmoke. Other American film appearances include the TV shows Bonanza and Wonderful World of Disney, the movies Posse, Used Cars (with Gerrit Graham and Michael Talbott), Romancing the Stone, Three Amigos (with Tony Plana and Patrice Martinez), the TV movies Stones for Iberra (with Kamala Lopez), his most recent TV appearance, Where The Hell's That Gold?! (with Willie Nelson, Gregory Sierra, and Annabelle Gurwitch), The Dead One (with Tony Plana), and his most recent movie appearance, 2012's I Heart Shakey.

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