Al Israel


Miami Vice Character
April 16, 1935
March 16, 2011 (age 76, unknown causes)

Al Israel (April 16, 1935 - March 16, 2011) made his TV debut in the show Miami Vice as Guzman, international arms dealer and for whom Evan Freed (played by William Russ) works for in the episode "Evan".


Israel made his film debut in 1982's The Soldier before his most famous role as the chainsaw wielding Colombian drug dealer Hector The Toad in the movie Scarface (with Pepe Serna) (and a video game based on the movie in 2006, Scarface: The World Is Yours. His other movie appearances include Old Enough (with Rainbow Harvest), Body Double (with Melanie Griffith and Guy Boyd), Carlito's Way (with Luis Guzman, Viggo Mortensen & John Leguizamo), Confessions of a Hitman (with James Remar and John Snyder), Drop Zone (with Wesley Snipes), Dangerous Minds, Driven (with Xander Berkeley), and his final movie role, 2004's Three Way. His TV roles include Hill Street Blues, Hunter, Hooperman (with Alix Elias, The Shield (with Michael Chiklis), and his final TV role, in the movie Ernesto.


Israel died on March 16, 2011, of undisclosed causes.

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